A complete product catering to all the business processes of Transfusion Medicine. It's designed by blood bank professionals ensuring patient safety & seamless integration with electronic medical records (EMR), inventory, billing etc.

The Transfusion medicine has evolved in last 20 years to a super specialized service. The e-blood line is designed to store, process, distribute, analyze and transform and simplify the patient care delivery. The e-bloodline is developed on state of the art "elite" Unified Enterprise Healthcare Application Platform. The platform offers its innate characteristics like in built intelligence, integrated decision support, configurable workflows & template based reporting structure.

Benefits :

Unified Enterpise Healthcare Application Platform.

Technology & Operating System Independent.

Seamless Integration with equipment & other 3rd Party Products.

Part of elite Hospital Information System family allowing business to expand & use other modules.

Multiple branch & standalone facility.

SMS, Alert & work flow engine Form Designing user interface etc.

Key Features:

Donor Registration - The module allows the user to register the donor with key demographic information along with previous blood donation information. The system allows the user to capture if the donation is for Autologous, Replacement use, Voluntary, camp etc.

Donor Processing - The donor processing allows user to perform donor screening, blood bag number generation & donor blood collection.

Laboratory - The laboratory feature allows user to perform blood component separation, cell grouping, serum grouping, Blood group validation & serological investigations.

Blood Bank Inventory - The feature allows the user to retrieve entire information on whole blood, blood components etc.

Blood Issues / Receive - The feature allows the user to perform blood compnent cross, blood component requestion, match issue, receive back etc.