The Zenith (Electronic Medical Record - EMR) was developed with a leading edge technology on Norah’s Unified Interoperable Healthcare Platform (UIHP). The Zenith’s home page is very interactive & user friendly. The personal dashboard allows the care provider to have the most important information like patient profile along with clinical summary available on a single screen.

Some of the unique features of the Zenith are as follows :

Clinical Documentation: Clinical data is the core of any patient’s encounter and is used to reflect the services provided to the patient for insurance & billing purpose as well. The Elite has the intelligence to interpret the physician’s understanding as part of the information entered as problems, medications, free text and suggest the E&M code.

Decision Support Prompts: The Elite’s decision support is intelligently supportive and indicative to alerts for allergies, drug interaction, Lab and radiology results to the end user. The solution provides additional supportive tools to suggest recommended order sets & next steps in the clinical care pathway along with online references for effective decision making.

Messaging Notifications/Acknowledgements: The solution has the built in intelligence to generate & send notifications/alerts based on defined workflows. For example, the new lab result notification & additional information request from Insurance to approve pre authorization for a procedure/admission will be directed to the concerned physician.

Ancillary Integrations: The solutions accept integration from any 3rd party devices (Laboratory & radiology) and applications. The Elite has highly configured workflows to send orders to the concerned system and receive orders back in to the respective patient’s clinical records.

Customizable Workflow Management: The Zenith (Electronic Patient record) has the ability to highly configure the workflows or define new clinical pathways for chronic care patients and specialty clinics.

Patient Portal: The solution has on option to add the patient portal for patients to stay connected to their care providers for effective clinical outcome and enhanced compliance. Using patient portal, patients can request for an appointment, view their clinical history, past laboratory & radiology investigations and share information with another physician for 2nd opinion and more.

Interoperability: The solution has the capability to communicate & exchange information with any 3rd party using HL7 protocol.