Considering the high risk, resource intensive and significant workload of the Operation theatre, Norah embarked on the journey to develop e-OTMIS (Elite – Operation Theatre Management Information System)a simplified approach to bring an improvement in Patient care & outcome, Effective resource utilization, Efficient OT management.

The solution tracks the complete patient’s OT life cycle from scheduling the surgery, booking OT slot, procedure details, equipment & resource details, consumables, anesthesia details etc. It provides access to patient’s entire clinical history to assist as decision support tool.

Benefits :

Efficient scheduling of both emergency & elective surgeries.

Accurate compilation of patient costing data for the procedure including duration, consumables and resource utilization.

Efficiency in preoperative care process documentation and electronic compilation of quality data and consent form.

Effective inventory & stock management of OT.

Integration with you are his/RIS/PACS or patient monitoring devices.