Norah Clinical Solution has developed an innovative conceptual framework which empower us to deliver unique solutions and unmatched values to our customers. The Norah Innovation Conceptual Framework (NICF) helps combine our (UHEP) Unified Healthcare Enterprise platform, open source technologies and strong domain expertise to design, build, deliver and implement applications for the healthcare industry. NICF assists its customers in solving complex business problems, regulatory challenges while delivering significant cost savings, enhanced productivity and improves the quality of care.

Norah has identified four strategic pillars of healthcare business needs—clinical applications, data integration and data management, clinical quality and performance management, mobile and patient engagement—that are critical to healthcare organizations today. NICF supports our customers in their strategic initiatives through strong technical & domain expertise.

Clinical Application

Today healthcare industry is struggling with the regulatory changes, transition from traditional fee for service to Value based care and costing pressure. The expectation is to deliver the same or better quality of care in spite of these challenges. Norah technology with its Center of Excellence for Design & development of Clinical Applications is delivering Enterprise Platform to the best hospitals around the globe.

Few of the key salient features of the process are :
• Domain driven design and Reference architecture based on best practices.
• Agile development practices with key emphasis on quality and testing
• Optional consulting and advisory support to assist customers.

Data Integration & Data Management Application

Data is the most important asset of the healthcare industry. The organizations are generating huge amount of data everyday. The Organizations need to make informed decisions by analyzing the aggregated data from clinical, financial and operational data sources. In order to ensure that the healthcare organizations are able to do so, this data needs to be integrated, aggregated and cleansed before it become the meaningful data.

Clinical Quality & Performance Management

Healthcare providers are increasing focusing on clinical quality and performance management to improve clinical outcome, clinical performance & operational efficiency. We enable provider organizations with insightful information to make informed decisions. Our Business Intelligence platform uses Artificial Intelligence to even predict the areas of potential improvements.

Mobile & Patient Engagement

Effective patient engagement is the key of augmenting the patient loyalty and enhancing their compliance with the medical regimen. The platform extends the continuity of care framework to manage patients outside the provider setting - dramatically improving cost of care and patient satisfaction. The Patient portal from Norah Clinical Solution delivers the patient engagement framework through mobile devices. All the applications from Norah are compatible with all mobile platform.